An Interesting Trip to Long Duhung, East Kalimantan

“Where is the market here in Long Duhung?” I innocently posed the question to Ibu Dolba, a Punan Dayaknese woman who took me for a boat ride on a traditional canoe called a ketinting along the Kelay River.

In answer to my question, Ibu Dolba suddenly burst into laughter — apparently, at me — and then said: “No, we don’t go to a market. Everything we need is here [in the forest and the river].”

I was bemused, for her answer to me was quite unexpected. However, her prompt answer struck me as a reality that I had apparently not been aware of — that Long Duhung is one of a few isolated villages situated in the depth of East Kalimantan’s dense forest, as isolated as my knowledge about a Dayak tribe that its members still mostly rely for their living on hunting and gathering. Continue reading


The Breathtaking Landscape of Papuma Beach

Papuma beach, or also known as Tanjung Papuma is located 37 kilometers on the South of Jember, East Java. According to its name, Papuma beach is consisted of two beaches — Pasir Putih beach and Malikan beach which are situated side by side. The Papuma beach is famous for its white sandy beach and its rocky islands which frame the shore. I took this picture from a small hill which the local people there called Siti Inggil. You can spend a night in Papuma renting cottages managed by Perum Perhutani. For further infos, you can click Continue reading