5 Places to See in Penyengat Island


Officially named Penyengat Indera Sakti, the island is situated just off the coast of Bintan’s capital Tanjung Pinang and was renowned as the cultural and royal seat of power for the Malay Riau-Lingga sultanate in the 19th century.

Penyengat is where one of the most famous Malay poems, Gurindam Dua Belas, was written by Raja Ali Hajji. He is also known as the person who first wrote about the basics of Malay grammar through his book Pedoman Bahasa (language guidelines), which later became the standardized reference for the modern Malay language. Continue reading


Illuminate Ramadhan with Lampu Colok Festival

Colok in Malay language means light. Malaysians today often refer colok as “pelite”
or “pelito”. It is a kind of lamp made from tin and uses kerosene as its fuel. Lampu
colok used to be used as traditional lights to illuminate rural villages. Usually it is
made from bamboo or tin. Some are also made from used drinking cans and used as
flashlights. Continue reading