A Serene Sunset at Petanahan Beach


I took this picture at Petanahan Beach, Central Java, a few weeks ago when I was attending a friend’s wedding in Kebumen City. The beach is situated around 53 kilometers soutward from Kebumen City and has a vast golden sandy beach. Similar to other beaches along Java’s southern coast, Petanahan has a strong current and large waves and is not very suitable for swimming. However, the beach has a serene ambiance and its landscape is a perfect blend of beach and lush forest which makes this less-known beach is worthy a visit. Continue reading


Mount Papandayan in Black and White


Cleaning up my hard disk storage, I stumbled upon this collection of pictures which were taken when I climbed on Mount Papandayan a few years ago. Situated about 15 km Northwest from Garut city, West Java, Papandayan is an active stratovolcanic mountain which has four large craters at its summit.

With Garut gradually growing as one of West Java’s popular tourist destinations, Mount Papandayan is also gaining more and more visitors especially over weekend. Its not-so-heavy terrains and gentle slopes makes Papandayan popular among novice climbers. Continue reading

One Of The Bright Sides of Early Flight

The earliest flight is always the cheapest one (good bargain!) and if even though we might have to force ourselves to get out of the bed and head to the airport half sleeping, there are several things I love about early flight. One of them is this: on a clear sunny day and if you can book the window seat, the beautiful bird’s eye view scenery right outside the window plane is too precious to waste.

Here are 3 pictures of mountains I took on my flight to Labuan Bajo a couple of months ago. I was lucky enough to be able to get the window seat and the weather was pretty friendly at that time. :) But it was a little bit cloudy when I flew over Mount Tambora, Sumbawa. I wonder if I can collect aerial pictures of all mountains in Indonesia. That would make a pretty interesting collection, don’t you think? :)


Mount Bromo

Continue reading