3 Interesting Places to Stay in Garut


With Bandung now receiving direct international flights from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore; traveling to West Java should have gotten easier than ever. But as the result of more exposure in the spotlight, Bandung has become more and more packed of tourists and shoppers especially on weekends. Traffic jams during public holidays and over weekends has been slowly suffocating not only people who visit Bandung, but also those who get to call this city as their home.

When it gets more crowded in Lembang and it takes much longer just to reach Dago Pakar, expanding your holiday options to other regions beyond Bandung is perhaps the best decision you can make to escape the bustle of the city. Continue reading


The Breathtaking Landscape of Papuma Beach

Papuma beach, or also known as Tanjung Papuma is located 37 kilometers on the South of Jember, East Java. According to its name, Papuma beach is consisted of two beaches — Pasir Putih beach and Malikan beach which are situated side by side. The Papuma beach is famous for its white sandy beach and its rocky islands which frame the shore. I took this picture from a small hill which the local people there called Siti Inggil. You can spend a night in Papuma renting cottages managed by Perum Perhutani. For further infos, you can click http://www.tanjungpapuma.com Continue reading