4 Ideal Beaches to Learn Surfing in Indonesia

SONY DSCWhen life gets a little stressful, getting into nature and learning something new might be a fun and daring way to let loose.

How about learning to surf in an archipelago filled with the world’s best waves? Here are four beginner-friendly surfing spots across Indonesia to get you up and surfing. Continue reading


A Serene Sunset at Petanahan Beach


I took this picture at Petanahan Beach, Central Java, a few weeks ago when I was attending a friend’s wedding in Kebumen City. The beach is situated around 53 kilometers soutward from Kebumen City and has a vast golden sandy beach. Similar to other beaches along Java’s southern coast, Petanahan has a strong current and large waves and is not very suitable for swimming. However, the beach has a serene ambiance and its landscape is a perfect blend of beach and lush forest which makes this less-known beach is worthy a visit. Continue reading

Mount Papandayan in Black and White


Cleaning up my hard disk storage, I stumbled upon this collection of pictures which were taken when I climbed on Mount Papandayan a few years ago. Situated about 15 km Northwest from Garut city, West Java, Papandayan is an active stratovolcanic mountain which has four large craters at its summit.

With Garut gradually growing as one of West Java’s popular tourist destinations, Mount Papandayan is also gaining more and more visitors especially over weekend. Its not-so-heavy terrains and gentle slopes makes Papandayan popular among novice climbers. Continue reading

Learning Batik at Kampung Batik Kauman

 IMG_20130603_183021 (1)

Thick smell of burning wax is wafting heavily in the air as I step into this old Batik Shop. A weathered wooden board is hanging sturdily in front of the shop with the name of the shop largely engraved on it, it says “Batik Tulis Gunawan Setiawan”. Located at the heart of Kampung Batik Kauman, Surakarta, the shop is one of around 30 other batik shops and entrepreneurs which have also been operating there since 19th century.

Learning how to create batik pattern art on a piece of cloth as well as getting to know more about the batik process itself is the main reason I am here on this perfect Sunday morning. A young Javanese lady greets me with a slightly smile then she directs me into another room at the back of the shop where the batik lesson is going to take place. Several small batik stoves have already been prepared there. So, I just sit there quietly on a plastic mat in front of the stove hardly can wait for the class to start. Continue reading