A Tropical Paradise in Cibodas Botanical Garden


It had been supposed to be a usual lazy weekend for me if it wasn’t for a plan to go along on a family trip to Cibodas, West Java. Leaving Jakarta at 7 am, the morning weather was surprisingly sunny despite a heavy downpour inundating the capital through out the prior week.

The traffic was also miraculously friendly as we drove up on Jagorawi toll highway which connects the neighboring cities of Jakarta, Bogor and Ciawi. Exiting at Ciawi toll gate, our car hiked up passing through Puncak area which has been a popular weekend respite for Jakartans ever since I was a little child. Continue reading


Dhanagun Vihara: Welcoming The Year of Wooden Horse

The lunar new year celebration is in sight. The end of this January marks the time for us to say goodbye to the snake and to prepare ourselves galloping with the horse. Not much different than in any other places around the world, Chinese descents who lives in Indonesia celebrate the lunar new year with various kinds of festivity as well as religious rituals.

A few years ago, I had a chance to visit Hok Tek Bio vihara in Bogor in the morning of Chinese New Year. Also renowned as Dhanagun Vihara to the locals, this old establishment stands sturdily at the corner of the road right across Bogor’s iconic landmark, the Bogor Palace. Continue reading

Pura Agung Jagatkartha: A Tint of Bali in Bogor

It was Sunday morning, when I and four of my best friends went on a trip to Bogor. We were planning to go to Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartha in Tamansari. We have heard quite a lot about this largest Hindus temple in Indonesia outside Bali but we didn’t know exactly where this temple is located so we were kind of curious about this temple existence. We departed from Jakarta early in the morning by a friend’s car to avoid the heavy traffic jam and to spare some time just in case we get lost or led astray.

It wasn’t so difficult for us to get to Tamansari area since we have asked a friend who had been to the temple before to give some directions how to get there. Continue reading