An Exciting Dolphin Watching in Lovina Bali


Bali boasts of being the best vacation destination in Indonesia thanks to its coastline full of impressive beaches, entrancing natural landscapes, rich cultural traditions and strong religious roots. Attracting travelers to flock to the island of the gods throughout the year, Bali offers the tumult of Kuta for those seeking out frenetic crowds and heavy partying. But if you travel up to the north to the region of Buleleng, tranquility and idyllic fishing villages will offer you a refuge for a quieter retreat. Continue reading


4 Ideal Beaches to Learn Surfing in Indonesia

SONY DSCWhen life gets a little stressful, getting into nature and learning something new might be a fun and daring way to let loose.

How about learning to surf in an archipelago filled with the world’s best waves? Here are four beginner-friendly surfing spots across Indonesia to get you up and surfing. Continue reading

Pemuteran Village: A Wonderful Peaceful Hideaway


Bali and its magnetic beauty have surely attracted many visitors to come to this island of Gods since decades ago. Some even stay and make this pretty place their second home. Nevertheless, the exotic charm of Bali is like a double-edged sword for its pristine nature. On one hand, it invites tourists from all around the globe to experience its virgin beaches and vibrant culture. But on the other hand, it has put some of the island’s best spots in the face of the negative impact caused by unsustainable mass tourism.

Unspoiled beach and tranquil atmosphere starts to become something that is hard to find, especially in the southern part of the island. You might want to consider going up northward for a more serene holiday experience the next time you set your foot again in Bali. Visiting Pemuteran Village located up in the Northern part of the island would be a good idea. For me, it was a love at first sight. Continue reading

Puri Lukisan Museum: Delve Deeper Into Ubud’s Art History

psychoparadisoAs one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, Ubud has long been well known as the center of art and paintings by its visitors. Located in Gianyar, Ubud offers a peaceful village atmosphere surrounded by dazzling greenish rice field and lush tropical forests. Ubud’s beautiful landscape and scenery has also long been inspiring paintings sketched by artists who resides in Bali. Continue reading

I Gusti Agung Prana: Pahlawan Pariwisata Desa Pemuteran

Kesempatan tak hanya bisa dicari, tetapi juga bisa diciptakan. Bahkan sesuatu yang terlihat jelek dan tak terawat pun bisa diubah menjadi emas bernilai tinggi dengan adanya niat dan kesungguhan. Itulah yang dilakukan oleh I Gusti Agung Prana, seorang pria Bali yang menjadi pionir pembangunan pariwisata berkelanjutan di Desa Pemuteran, Bali.

Lebih dari 20 tahun yang lalu, Agung yang dahulu berprofesi sebagai pemandu wisata mendatangi Desa Pemuteran yang berada nun di Utara pulau dewata. Desa Pemuteran yang berlokasi sekitar 55 kilometer dari Singaraja dan 30 kilometer dari pelabuhan Gilimanuk memiliki lanskap alam yang unik. Wilayahnya berada di tepi pantai yang dihiasi tiga teluk cantik dan juga diapit oleh bebukitan di sisi yang berseberangan. Continue reading