Stark Bierhaus: Have A Sip of Local Beer with German Style

stark4Now Jakarta has a new addition of cozy hang out place for you beer drinkers. Stark Beerhaus which is located at Plaza Indonesia eX level 2 (ex Hard Rock Cafe) offers you great ambiance to hang out and have a bottle of beer or two with some friends.

The place consisted of a few different areas, the Bierstube and Biergarten. the former is a deli style eatery facing the interior of Plaza Indonesia’s eX, where visitors can grab a quick bite of Stark’s signature sausage and deli meat sandwiches, as well as six packs of Stark Beers on the go or to be brought home. The latter is a semi-outdoor area facing the busy main road of Thamrin, for a much more casual ambiance. There is also a large space of dining and lounge area. Continue reading


Pemuteran Village: A Wonderful Peaceful Hideaway


Bali and its magnetic beauty have surely attracted many visitors to come to this island of Gods since decades ago. Some even stay and make this pretty place their second home. Nevertheless, the exotic charm of Bali is like a double-edged sword for its pristine nature. On one hand, it invites tourists from all around the globe to experience its virgin beaches and vibrant culture. But on the other hand, it has put some of the island’s best spots in the face of the negative impact caused by unsustainable mass tourism.

Unspoiled beach and tranquil atmosphere starts to become something that is hard to find, especially in the southern part of the island. You might want to consider going up northward for a more serene holiday experience the next time you set your foot again in Bali. Visiting Pemuteran Village located up in the Northern part of the island would be a good idea. For me, it was a love at first sight. Continue reading

Lara Djonggrang: An Exotic Indonesian Culinary In The Heart of Jakarta


A big old Banyan tree greeted me as I walked into the front yard of Lara Djonggrang restaurant. There was this eerie feeling creeping into me as I stepped inside the old building of this Indonesian cuisine restaurant. Not only old, the interior of Lara Djonggrang that is located in Jalan Teuku Cik Di Tiro, Jakarta, is full of antique furniture and objects from all over Indonesia. Even though some people (including me) might find this unique restaurant a little bit eerie, but Lara Djonggrang offers its visitors a cozy ethnical and also historical atmosphere.

Being one of the restaurants owned by Hotel Tugu Group, a big name in Indonesia’s hospitality industry, Lara Djonggrang won’t disappoint you. The restaurant building used to be an old house which then was bought and renovated by the Hotel Tugu Group. Continue reading

Wonderful Indonesia: Feeling Is Believing

Hold your breath, the latest Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video is here! This is a pretty cool video and for me personally, this might be the first decent official Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video. You might have already seen the short version of it on the local TV channels, but here’s the 5 minutes long version of it for your viewing pleasure.

Continue reading

Explore Komodo Island Straight From Your Android Device

If you happen to have plans to visit Komodo Island, Flores, Indonesia, in the near future, then this android apps is a must have! Developed by MReunionLabs, Explore Indonesia: Komodo Island (EIKI) is an application intended to promote one of Indonesia’s wonderful tourism spot, The Komodo National Park.

This application will run smoothly on Android 2.1 version and up and is generally separated into four main sections:

The Wonders
This section would tell you about the history, wildlife, diving sites and other useful information about Komodo National Park’s wonderful nature and uniqueness.

In the Explore menu you will find information about things you need and activities you can do while you’re at Komodo National Park. This section provides information about trekking, watching Komodo dragon in Continue reading

Sintamu Sintaku: Kisah Rama dan Sinta di Masa Modern

Bagaimana bila Sinta meragukan rasa cintanya sendiri kepada Rama? Bagaimana pula jika penggalan kisah Ramayana itu disajikan dalam bentuk pertunjukan wayang yang memadukan unsur wayang kulit dengan teater, musik dan tari? Pentas Wayang Urban bertajuk  “Sintamu Sintaku” yang digelar tanggal 2-3 November 2012 lalu di Gedung Kesenian Jakarta menghadirkan semua itu.

Lakon “Sintamu Sintaku” menyajikan sebuah tafsir modern akan penggalan kisah epos Ramayana. Nanang Hape, selaku sutradara sekaligus dalang, membawa pementasan wayang menjadi sebuah kisah menarik dan mudah dicerna generasi muda. Continue reading