10 Tempat Wisata Kuliner Lezat di Kota Solo

galabo solo

Kota Solo tak melulu identik dengan wisata keraton dan belanja batik. Khusus bagi ‘foodies’ atau pencinta makanan seperti saya, jalan-jalan ke Solo pastilah belum memuaskan kalau saya masih belum sempat menjajal beragam jenis makanan tradisional yang ada di sana. Jika dibandingkan dengan harga makanan di kota Bandung atau Jakarta, harga makanan di kota Solo tergolong murah meriah. Continue reading


5 Reasons why you should visit Lenggang Jakarta in Monas


Recently opened by Jakarta’s Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, Lenggang Jakarta Food Court and Souvenir Center is now ready to welcome visitors. Here are 5 good reasons why you should go there.

Located at National Monument (Monas) IRTI parking lot, Lenggang Jakarta is the city government’s answer to the problem of illegal street vendors around Monas area. Previously did not have any rights to operate, now the street vendors are happily filling permanent kiosks with an official amount of levy as low as Rp 4,000 per day.

Currently, Lenggang Jakarta houses 329 street vendors consisting of 126 food vendors and 176 non-food merchants who sells souvenirs, t-shirts, accessories, shoes, and toys. The venue opens from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. on weekdays and up to midnight on weekends and public holidays.
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How to Spend 24 Hours in Makassar

pantai losari

The provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Makassar is renowned for its thriving port and superb local delicacies. It also offers interesting historical sites and charming ocean vistas.

Although the urban conglomeration covers 2,473 square kilometers, you can get around the city in the space of one day.

Here are seven ways to occupy yourself from dawn till dusk – what order you see them in, though, we’ll leave up to you. Continue reading

Tabula Rasa: Sebuah Film Bertema Masakan Minang


Semangat berjuang dalam mengarungi kehidupan dapat kita temukan kembali di mana saja, tak terkecuali pada makanan dan proses mengolahnya. Sepotong pesan inilah yang hendak dimasak dan disajikan lewat film layar lebar “Tabula Rasa” produksi Lifelike Pictures. Film yang disutradarai oleh sutradara muda Adrianto Dewo dan ditulis oleh Tumpal Tampubolon ini mencoba menawarkan kisah kehidupan tentang kekayaan rasa kuliner Indonesia serta kerinduan terhadap kampung halaman sebagai poros cerita.

Film Indonesia pertama yang bertema kuliner ini mencoba meleburkan dua budaya nusantara–budaya Minang dan Papua–menjadi sebuah kisah yang humanis dan menarik. Diproduseri oleh Sheila Timothy, “Tabula Rasa” mengangkat kelezatan masakan khas Minang ke layar lebar oleh karena kenikmatannya maupun kepopulerannya di lidah masyarakat Indonesia. Continue reading

Mencicipi Hidangan Dari Penjuru Dunia di Jackson Heights



New York telah membuat saya jatuh cinta sejak pandangan pertama di layar kaca. Menjadi lokasi syuting sejumlah film box office mulai dari ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ hingga favorit saya ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’, kota padat penduduk di pesisir Timur negara Paman Sam ini tak pernah lepas dari urutan teratas tujuan destinasi impian saya.

New York juga menjadi mimpi profesional saya sebagai pekerja media dengan deretan nama perusahaan media kelas dunia yang berkantor pusat di kota multikultural ini. Sebut saja Condé Nast Publication, Atlas Media Corporation, Bloomberg L.P. hingga perusahaan new media seperti Gawker Media dan Curbed semua bermarkas di sana. Bagi saya, New York City adalah angan-angan tertinggi. Continue reading

Taste The Authentic Thai’s Street Food at Thai Alley

pad thai

Thai food is one of the most popular Asian cuisines in the world. Renowned for its spicy and sour taste, Thai dishes is not only attracting people to revisit its authentic flavor, but also to revisit the country itself. Continue reading

Betawi Food Festival at Mercure Simatupang Jakarta

Iga Bakar Condet smlOn 22 June 2014, Jakarta will celebrate its 487th anniversary. Many events are held to celebrate the culture of Betawi including its diverse culinary heritage. Renown as the native people of Jakarta, Betawi culture is actually a lot influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Indian, Chinese cultures as well as other cultures within the archipelago itself. This interaction has given birth to a rigorous process of assimilation to produce various culinary taste in Betawi.

Starting last June 9, Biztro Graffiti serves 6 traditional Betawi main courses to celebrate Jakarta’s anniversary. Local hearty cuisines such as the legendary Soto Betawi, Iga Bakar Condet, Ayam Panggang Jatinegara, Nasi Ulam Kemayoran, Gurame Pesmol Marunda and Sate Asem Tanah Abang are ready to delight guest’s palate. Get to know more about some of those delicious dishes before you have a taste. Continue reading

Weekend Culinary Feast at Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2014

jfff6 The annually held Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival is here again! The venue still remains at La Piazza Kelapa Gading and I had a chance to go there last weekend. It was Saturday and when I had arrived there it was pretty hot and humid.

Since I have only very little interest into fashion, the food festival automatically became my main destination. Just like last year, the food festival which named “Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe” (old time village) is held outdoor right outside the mall. There are plenty of small stalls lining up around an outdoor area which is decorated to resemble a night market with ferris wheel miniature in a distance. Continue reading

The Gastronomic Glory of Gang Gloria


It was Saturday morning when I went on a short trip to Glodok, North Jakarta,  to look for a few things to buy. Having found what I needed, my poor growling stomach then forced me to turn my direction heading to Gang Gloria for quick early lunch. My first stop was of course Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie. This place is a very old coffee shop which is located not so far from the entrance of the narrow street of Gang Gloria. The coffee shop is owned by a Chinese-Indonesian family and has been run by the family from one generation to the next since 1927. Even though there are plenty of food stalls filled up the road in front of Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie, it is still pretty easy to find it because of its aged wall and its wooden tables. Stepping into the coffee shop, I could see plenty of old photos taken from the coffee shop’s early years decorating the wall.  Continue reading

Stark Bierhaus: Have A Sip of Local Beer with German Style

stark4Now Jakarta has a new addition of cozy hang out place for you beer drinkers. Stark Beerhaus which is located at Plaza Indonesia eX level 2 (ex Hard Rock Cafe) offers you great ambiance to hang out and have a bottle of beer or two with some friends.

The place consisted of a few different areas, the Bierstube and Biergarten. the former is a deli style eatery facing the interior of Plaza Indonesia’s eX, where visitors can grab a quick bite of Stark’s signature sausage and deli meat sandwiches, as well as six packs of Stark Beers on the go or to be brought home. The latter is a semi-outdoor area facing the busy main road of Thamrin, for a much more casual ambiance. There is also a large space of dining and lounge area. Continue reading