5 Restaurants in Bandung with Breathtaking View


Bandung has been a favorite weekend destination for many Jakartans as well as international tourists from Malaysia. Widely known for its factory outlets selling branded fashion stuffs with affordable prices, Bandung is also famous as a culinary heaven. If you are seeking for a new and amazing experience next time you come to visit Bandung, dining at these restaurants with stunning view of Bandung city lights can be a great idea.

Lisung The Dago Boutique Resto

Named after a Sundanese word means a medium or place to pound rice, Lisung is located on top of a hill in Bandung’s northern Dago area offering guests a panoramic view of Bandung. The three storey restaurant was built with a Sundanese ethnic concept using Javanese Joglo traditional house as its main restaurant establishment.

Lisung The Dago Boutique Resto serves various kinds of food & beverages ranging from Asian, European, and Indonesian food. At night, Lisung offers a tranquil ambience with a stunning view of Bandung’s city light.

The Valley Bistro Cafe

Also situated in Dago, The Valley Bistro Cafe has been a popular restaurant to visit in Bandung especially Jakartans who spend a weekend in the city. Located in the northern part of the city, The Valley provides European, Japanese, and oriental cuisines with the breathtaking view of the city lights.

Maja House

Maja House is also one of the popular restaurants to hang out in Bandung. Located in Lembang a bit on the outskirt of Bandung, the view from the restaurant is astonishing at night. Most of the food you’re going to find served here are Western and Indonesian.

D’Pakar Cafe

If you’re an outdoor person, dining at D’Pakar would be a great choice. Located in Dago Pakar area as well, D’Pakar Cafe serves Indonesian warung-style food and beverages including Indonesian toast with various sweet toppings, fried rice, and many more. D’Pakar is a must-visit place especially for sunset chasers.

Cocorico Cafe

If you’d like to try the experience of dining on a rooftop garden with city night lights below, you can go to Cocorico Cafe. Located in Bukit Pakar Timur, Dago, the restaurant serves Western and Asian food. The place is also famous for its various waffle menu, something that you must try there if you’re a sweet tooth.

Where to stay:

Hilton Bandung

You can stay at Hilton Bandung for a perfect staying experience whether it’s for business, family or romantic vacation. Located in Pasirkaliki area, the luxurious hotel offers a very good location adjacent to attractions such as Istana Plaza and Pasar Baru Trade Centre.

As one of the globally trusted brands in hospitality, Hilton Bandung has spacious rooms and suites with large LCD TV screen and relaxing rain shower or bathtub. You can also swim laps in its tranquil rooftop swimming pool or enjoy cocktails and tapas at its Magma Lounge while staying here.



Pictures courtesy of nadhirajihan.wordpress.com, the hungry doctor, and Jakarta100bars.


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