The Savvy Place to Stay on Singapore’s Orchard: Hotel Jen Orchardgateway


A fresh, friendly and fuss-free mid-range hotel concept named Hotel Jen by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd, launched its first of a new “Jenre” late last year and is set to expand to nine key cities across the Asia Pacific by March 2015.

Last week, I had the chance to stay at the Hotel Jen OrchardGateway Singapore.
Located on the city’s bustling Orchard Road above the Orchardgateway shopping mall, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway provides a savvy and efficient hotel experience for today’s generation of travelers.


The hotel is located only 25 minutes from Changi Airport by car or 35 minutes by MRT and is interconnected with three shopping malls; providing a seamless, weather-proof shopping experience. Its establishment also has direct access to the Somerset MRT station, offering guests easy and effortless connectivity to all parts of Singapore.

Lau Ler Ling, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore’s communications manager, explained that the Hotel Jen brand was created and designed to uniquely appeal to a “new jeneration” of travelers and provide what really matters to guests.


The Hotel Jen brand is inspired by a virtual persona named Jen who is a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel and discovery. Jen is described as spontaneous and is someone who lives every day to its fullest, lives in the moment and loves to explore new cultures as well as new experiences.

Upon arrival, the savvy aura of the hotel immediately can be seen from a train of bright-colored trolleys or what the hotel refers to as SUVs (simple utility vehicles), enabling guests to easily carry all their bags and belongings to their rooms without wasting time.

Checking in to their preferred room, guests can park the SUV in front of the room with ease for hotel staff to collect later on. The hotel corridor is spacious enough to allow two trolleys to pass, so you never have to worry about blocking other people’s way.


Hotel Jen Orchardgateway has 502 guestrooms divided into four categories: Superior room, Superior Cityview room, Deluxe Cityview room, and the most luxurious Premier Panorama room. I had the privilege to stay in a Superior Cityview room which, as the name suggests, gave me a view of the stunning Orchard Road.

The 27 meter-square room is spacious with a smart clean design providing a young and energetic ambiance. A personalized handwritten welcome note signed by Jen greeted me on the sink’s mirror, which then led me to a cup of fresh-cut fruit inside my room’s refrigerator.

A 40-inch Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system and fast Wi-Fi will keep you connected and entertained throughout your stay. My favorite feature of the hotel is the free access to 2,500 and more publications that you can download from a PressReader application on your smart mobile devices.


The savvy and efficient concept brought by Hotel Jen Orchardgateway can also be seen from the vending machine easily found at some of its corners and on every floor. Guests can buy mineral water, snacks, chocolate bars and instant noodles at affordable prices without having to leave the hotel. An ice machine is also placed on every floor so guests can get ice cubes themselves using the ice buckets available in every room.

In the afternoon, guests can unwind with a glass of wine on the 19th floor’s Club Lounge with breathtaking panoramic city views, take a plunge in the stunning rooftop pool or relax in the pool’s cabanas while watching the tangerine sunset slowly fade into the city lights.


Take care of your empty stomach by having a buffet-style dinner at Makan@Jen which offers an extensive selection of international dishes ranging from salads, grilled meats, to sushi and fresh seafood. I strongly suggest you to try its seafood station, which boasts fresh selections such as crab, crayfish, lobster, tiger prawns as well as salmon and squid. Don’t forget to end your meal by indulging in a variety of desserts from Makan@Jen’s dessert station.

I ended my day sipping on sensational cocktails at Baywatch@Jen while enjoying the stunning panoramic city skylight of Singapore. Alternatively, you can conveniently go out to shop or take a evening stroll since most of the nearby shopping malls close at 10.30 p.m., while most MRT trains stop operating after 11 p.m.


This article is originally published on The Jakarta Post Travel


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