Taste The Authentic Thai’s Street Food at Thai Alley

pad thai

Thai food is one of the most popular Asian cuisines in the world. Renowned for its spicy and sour taste, Thai dishes is not only attracting people to revisit its authentic flavor, but also to revisit the country itself.

neu yang

If you intend to capture the essence of Thai savory dishes, discovering deeper into its alleys and markets to have a taste of its endless choices of street food is a must. If you happen to live in Jakarta, savoring the delish of Thai street food is much easier now. Located in Gandaria City and The Pacific Place Jakarta, Thai Alley offers Thai street food on its menu combined with unique rustic interior in which inspired by Thai street scene complete with colorful graffiti on one of its wall.


With authentic recipes collected from various Thai street food vendors, Thai Alley is a great place to reminisce your trip to Thailand through your plates.

When I visited Thai Alley Gandaria City last week, there were several dishes that I thought is worth to try. After finishing the takjil for breaking my Ramadan fast, I couldn’t help myself but to try its various seafood delicacies on its Grand Seafood Tower. On the three story tower, one can enjoy freshly picked seafood selections such as crabs, prawns and squids along with Thai Alley’s dipping sauce, mango and papaya salad.

Thai Alley Gandaria City (1)

Just like Indonesian food and nasi goreng, my conventional tongue still chose its Pad Thai as a must-try and a favorite. Cooked with shrimps eggs, tomatoes, bean sprouts and chives, this Thai’s fried noodle just couldn’t be missed out.

Finally, for the dessert I ordered Khao Niew Mamuang or the ever famous Mango sticky rice. It consists of slices of Thai Mango served with sweet organic glutinous rice topped with coconut cream. This sweet dessert made for a fresh and perfect ending to my Thai street food culinary feast tonight.


For those who happen to work around Sudirman and SCBD area, Thai Alley also has a “stop and go” outlet called Thai Gogo located at the basement level of Pacific Place Mall. Go grab some Thai street food delicacies there or you can also order menus from Thai Gogo via Food Panda delivery service.

To order, you can go to Food Panda Indonesia’s website and search for Thai Gogo like what appears on the picture below.

Thai Gogo Jakarta  JABODETABEK  ⋄ foodpanda indonesia (1)

Unlike at Thai Alley, Thai Gogo’s main meal are seved in set menu because of its grab-and-go service nature. But don’t worry, the main menus are as delicious with tasty Thai iced tea available to quench your thirst, all at very reasonable prices. Below are the main meal choices available at Thai Gogo, ready to be delivered to your working desk via Food Panda.

Thai Gogo Jakarta  JABODETABEK  ⋄ foodpanda indonesia (2)


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2 thoughts on “Taste The Authentic Thai’s Street Food at Thai Alley

  1. I was having a business trip in Jakarta and was recommended by my friend to try this out at Gandaria city. Since I was having craving for thai food, I went and tried it with a couple of business mates and I have to say, I’m pretty impressive with the food there. I mean who would ever thought of trying thai food in Jakarta? At least not for me. But overall, what really impress me the most is the Grand seafood tower which was mention by the author and of course my personally favorite pad thai! Would definitely come back for it the next time im back here!

    A little shout out here, for those who is in Malaysia here is a food panda discount code for the delivery service! Enjoy!

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think the food there is pretty amazing and that’s probably because they hire Thai chefs to help them creating the food. But what impress me the most is their creative restaurant interior including the giant graffiti.

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