Betawi Food Festival at Mercure Simatupang Jakarta

Iga Bakar Condet smlOn 22 June 2014, Jakarta will celebrate its 487th anniversary. Many events are held to celebrate the culture of Betawi including its diverse culinary heritage. Renown as the native people of Jakarta, Betawi culture is actually a lot influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Indian, Chinese cultures as well as other cultures within the archipelago itself. This interaction has given birth to a rigorous process of assimilation to produce various culinary taste in Betawi.

Starting last June 9, Biztro Graffiti serves 6 traditional Betawi main courses to celebrate Jakarta’s anniversary. Local hearty cuisines such as the legendary Soto Betawi, Iga Bakar Condet, Ayam Panggang Jatinegara, Nasi Ulam Kemayoran, Gurame Pesmol Marunda and Sate Asem Tanah Abang are ready to delight guest’s palate. Get to know more about some of those delicious dishes before you have a taste.

Ayam Panggang Jatinegara

Soto Betawi

Soto is sometimes considered as Indonesia’s National dish, as it is served from Sumatra to Papua, in a wide range of variations. Because it is always served warm in tender texture, in most Indonesian households it is considered an Indonesian comfort food. Soto Betawi is deliciously made of beef, cooked in a whitish cow milk or coconut milk broth with fried potato and fresh tomato.

Nasi Ulam Kemayoran

Betawi culinary lovers must have been familiar with this dish. Nasi Ulam is usually enjoyed for breakfast can also be enjoyed as a tasty lunch menu. Betawi Nasi Ulam actually comes in two versions. One with the tasty stewed broth poured on the Ulam rice and the other version or called the ‘dry Nasi Ulam’ which you can find Serundeng or sautéed grated coconut on top of the Ulam rice. Graffiti restaurant serves the ‘dry Nasi Ulam’ accompanied with other condiments such as fried chicken, sambal, and ‘urap’.

Sate Asem Tanah Abang

Satay is available almost anywhere in Indonesia, where it has become a national dish with a wide variety of satays named after the region it is originated. In Jakarta, it is called Satay Betawi. There are several variations of Satay Betawi, one is Satay Asam and the other is Satay Lembut. During the Betawi Food Festival in Biztro Graffiti, you can try the delicious Satay Asam Betawi made from well selected fresh meat, sliced and marinated with brown sugar which let sat to softness along with special herbs for hours before it is ready to be grilled and served with Betawi Sauce.

Gurame Pesmol Marunda

Pesmol is originated in West Java and Jakarta. The dish with its unique name, tastes extraordinarily delicious since it is so rich in spices which is used to reduce the bad smell of the fish, which is the main ingredients of Pesmol. You can smell the aroma of candlenut, coriander and galingale that will tantalize your taste bud. Not to forget turmeric, a particular spice used to generates the yellow color in the sauce. If you are traveling to Jakarta, Pesmol is the dish you surely do not want to miss trying out.

Iga Bakar Condet

For ribs lover, Iga Bakar Condet is a must try ! Naturally you can cook ribs with any ways you like, since ribs already has its natural flavors. Only by adding simple seasoning, it can taste unbelievably delicious. As in the Iga Bakar Betawi, this dish uses simple condiment made of crushed garlic boiled together with the ribs and once the ribs is tender, it is grilled and smeared with sweet soy sauce. Simple! But it tastes so marvelous.

Ayam Panggang Jatinegara

If you ever on a culinary tour in Jatinegara area, you’ll find a lot of restaurants that serves Grilled Chicken on their menu. Essentially, this chicken dish can be found in nearly all parts of Indonesia’s province, but what’s make it different from the other province is their distinctive spices flavors used on the grilled chicken. This time, Biztro Graffiti presents grilled chicken in Betawi flavored served with tempeh in green chili sauce and steamed rice.


Guest may enjoyed Betawi Food Festival dishes until 28 June 2014 with price range starts from Rp 85.000 hingga Rp 115.000 / menu.


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