Weekend Culinary Feast at Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2014

jfff6 The annually held Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival is here again! The venue still remains at La Piazza Kelapa Gading and I had a chance to go there last weekend. It was Saturday and when I had arrived there it was pretty hot and humid.

Since I have only very little interest into fashion, the food festival automatically became my main destination. Just like last year, the food festival which named “Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe” (old time village) is held outdoor right outside the mall. There are plenty of small stalls lining up around an outdoor area which is decorated to resemble a night market with ferris wheel miniature in a distance.

jfff1Dining tables are available enough to accommodate hungry visitors but in the afternoon it can be very hot sitting at the table since you have to enjoy your food in alfresco dining style. It is highly suggested to come here late afternoon or after the nightfall.

jfff5To enjoy the food, visitors must first exchange some cash with a special debit card made for this event. After that, one can easily browse around the available stalls and buy the food by slashing it at the nearby cashier.

The food are widely varied but all are Indonesian food. There are stalls selling various kinds of satay, desserts and “es campur” to old school chocolate and candies.

jfff8The ambiance at night is very romantic with colorful lights and music building the mood. There are also two stages in the area with live music and traditional shows performing at night. People are swarming at the food festival over weekend and it might be a hard task just to look for an empty table.

jfff3I ate like a pig at the festival. Started with a plate of Rujak Juhi, I went to a portion of ayam kremes, a glass of es doger and ended it with a bag of Cireng Cipaganti. But then I couldn’t resist myself again when I saw there was one stall selling ice cream wrapped in a toast, just like the ice cream I used to have when I was a little girl.

jfff2In a sum, the festival is filled with sinful food and delicacies with a fresh romantic night-market themed ambiance. A really good event to hang out with your besties or to be enjoyed with your loved one. One more positive thing about the festival is that the area and all the tables there are mostly get cleaned frequently so you don’t have to deal with stepping on wet rubbish as you walk or having to clean out dirty plastic plates from an unoccupied table.

jfff4The Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival this year is still ongoing until June 1st. So, if you haven’t go there, then I suggest you to go there this weekend to have fun and fill in your tummy full. :D


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