Mount Papandayan in Black and White


Cleaning up my hard disk storage, I stumbled upon this collection of pictures which were taken when I climbed on Mount Papandayan a few years ago. Situated about 15 km Northwest from Garut city, West Java, Papandayan is an active stratovolcanic mountain which has four large craters at its summit.

With Garut gradually growing as one of West Java’s popular tourist destinations, Mount Papandayan is also gaining more and more visitors especially over weekend. Its not-so-heavy terrains and gentle slopes makes Papandayan popular among novice climbers.

Starting off my journey with a bus ride from Lebak Bulus bus terminal Jakarta to Garut city, I continued by taking an angkot (small public bus) then hopped off at Cisurupan. From here, climbers can either ride pickup trucks that will only cost 5,000 rupiahs or ride a motorcycle taxi (ojek) which costs around 35,000 rupiahs. Both transportation modes will take you straight up to the starting climbing post.

The view around Papandayan is spectacular especially in the morning and before the nightfall. A few tourist favorite photo spots are the bubbling yellow Papandayan crater, the mysterious dead forest and near the camping ground where the pretty white edelweiss flowers grow.

Try taking pictures of Papandayan using the black and white mode in your camera. The shadows and the lights; the fumaroles from the steam vents; and Papandayan’s coarse contour surprisingly create more beautiful pictures had it taken in black and white.






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