The Gastronomic Glory of Gang Gloria


It was Saturday morning when I went on a short trip to Glodok, North Jakarta,  to look for a few things to buy. Having found what I needed, my poor growling stomach then forced me to turn my direction heading to Gang Gloria for quick early lunch. My first stop was of course Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie. This place is a very old coffee shop which is located not so far from the entrance of the narrow street of Gang Gloria. The coffee shop is owned by a Chinese-Indonesian family and has been run by the family from one generation to the next since 1927. Even though there are plenty of food stalls filled up the road in front of Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie, it is still pretty easy to find it because of its aged wall and its wooden tables. Stepping into the coffee shop, I could see plenty of old photos taken from the coffee shop’s early years decorating the wall. 


Glancing at the menu written on one side of the wall, I immediately ordered a glass of Iced Milk Tea, one of the Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie’s specialties. The price for a glass of Iced Coffee here is definitely a lot cheaper compared to coffee shops that you usually visit at shopping centers and malls. What makes a glass of iced coffee here even better is that all the coffee beans used in Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie are made from a mix of Indonesian local coffee beans, including those which are produced in Lampung, Toraja and Sidikalang.


After the last sip of my drink, it was time to find some food to eat. Still settling in my chair, I ordered a portion of Nasi Tim Ayam (Steamed Chicken Rice) from one of the food stalls lined in front of Kedai Kopi Es Tak Kie. Since I am a Moslem, I can’t eat pork. But for you who loves to eat pork, Gang Gloria will definitely be your new culinary heaven. Various pork menu starting from noodles, meat balls, to foods with funny and unfamiliar names such as Sekba, Bek Tim and Pi Oh can be easily found along Gang Gloria.


There is also one place along Gang Gloria that sells beef and chicken curry called Kari Lam. Kari Lam is famous for its light beef or chicken curry which served along with rice or bihun (white noodle). Gado-gado Direksi which is famous for its fresh vegetables and smooth yet tasty peanut sauce is another menu you don’t want to miss around Gang Gloria. However tempting those food might be, my stomach is already full. So I’d prefer to save both Kari Lam and Gado-gado Direksi for my next visit back here. Because there will always be a second time for a satisfying gastronomic feast like what I had today at Gang Gloria.*

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9 thoughts on “The Gastronomic Glory of Gang Gloria

  1. Gang Gloria kan kuingat namamu! hahahaha. Belum pernah nih explore daerah sini kalo ke Jakarta. Kayaknya menarik bangetttt makanan2 disana *drooling*

  2. Jadi kangen blusukan kesana, dulu sering banget diajakin bos ku makan siang disana kalo kangen nasi tim nya. Dan yg bikin ngak tahan adalah panassssss + cari parkir susah nya minta ampunnnnn

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