Stark Bierhaus: Have A Sip of Local Beer with German Style

stark4Now Jakarta has a new addition of cozy hang out place for you beer drinkers. Stark Beerhaus which is located at Plaza Indonesia eX level 2 (ex Hard Rock Cafe) offers you great ambiance to hang out and have a bottle of beer or two with some friends.

The place consisted of a few different areas, the Bierstube and Biergarten. the former is a deli style eatery facing the interior of Plaza Indonesia’s eX, where visitors can grab a quick bite of Stark’s signature sausage and deli meat sandwiches, as well as six packs of Stark Beers on the go or to be brought home. The latter is a semi-outdoor area facing the busy main road of Thamrin, for a much more casual ambiance. There is also a large space of dining and lounge area.


The food in all 3 areas are generally European with emphasis towards German that will pair perfectly with a bottle of beer. But the coolest thing from this German feel beer house is their second level where they have pool tables and video games consoles(Nintendo Wii, PS3, XBox 360) complete with a wide flat TV screen that can be played by you and your friends while sipping the beer and have a good laugh.


As for the drinks, Stark Bierhaus with the Stark Beer flagship serves the first wheat beer which is brewed with 100% natural ingredients in their Lovina Beach Brewery, North Bali. The beer contains no chemicals such as flavor and color enhancers or preservatives and thus is hangover free (or so they say).


Recently they also just launched a new variant, low carb Stark Beer. The low carb beer is made of 95% water and no preservatives. I had a taste of it. The low carb Stark Beer tastes very light and has a hint of orange citrus flavor in it. More suitable for those who just started to drink beer, ladies who don’t drink too much alcohol or anyone who doesn’t wanna grow a beer belly.


They also have other variants such as (the non-low-carb) wheat beer and the dark wheat beer. I am curious for the latter one since they described its taste as malty sweet with a hint of chocolate and coffee flavor. I can’t imagine what it tastes like, but it must has a more masculine taste, so perhaps I should go back again to Stark Bierhaus to try it out myself.


Stark Bierhaus
Plaza Indonesia eX, Level 2 Kav.13
Twitter: @starkbierhaus

some of the photos courtesy of and

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