Pemuteran Village: A Wonderful Peaceful Hideaway


Bali and its magnetic beauty have surely attracted many visitors to come to this island of Gods since decades ago. Some even stay and make this pretty place their second home. Nevertheless, the exotic charm of Bali is like a double-edged sword for its pristine nature. On one hand, it invites tourists from all around the globe to experience its virgin beaches and vibrant culture. But on the other hand, it has put some of the island’s best spots in the face of the negative impact caused by unsustainable mass tourism.

Unspoiled beach and tranquil atmosphere starts to become something that is hard to find, especially in the southern part of the island. You might want to consider going up northward for a more serene holiday experience the next time you set your foot again in Bali. Visiting Pemuteran Village located up in the Northern part of the island would be a good idea. For me, it was a love at first sight.


It was nearly a year ago when I had the chance to visit Pemuteran Village during a short business trip. Secluded at the northwest tip of Bali, Pemuteran offers a unique combination of natural beauty both above and under the water. The village itself is situated about 55 kilometers from Singaraja and approximately 30 kilometers from Gilimanuk Harbor. It has a unique natural landscape; three beautiful bays with slightly gray sand lies framing the shore, while at the backdrop lines green verdant hills creating a harmony between water and earth. The water is clear and the waves are calm. Such a perfect hideaway from all the noisy frenetic city life.

The locals call this natural harmony as “Nyegara Gunung” which literally means the combination of the ocean and the mountain. It is also happen to be a spiritual concept about the energy connectivity between the ocean and the mountains. The people at Pemuteran Village believe that Nyegara Gunung brings prosperity and blessing to people who live there.


While I was there, I spent the night at Taman Sari Resort. Owned by I Gusti Agung Prana, a renowned traditional leader and run by Pemuteran people themselves, Taman Sari Resort offers a mix of homey hospitality of Singaraja as well as the luxury of a five-star resort. The cottages and villas they have there are built from natural materials with an exotic Balinese architecture.

Widely renowned as the largest shallow water coral reef area in Bali, snorkeling is a must-to-do activity in Pemuteran Bay. A transparent glass hulled boat is also available for rent if you still want to see Pemuteran Bay’s underwater world without getting wet. Their beachfront restaurant is also a very nice place just to relax and to enjoy the breezy salty air while waiting for the sun to disappear into the dark of night.


Visiting a few Balinese temples (Pura) located around Pemuteran area is another option of activities you can do while staying there. If you are an adventure junkie, going further West to Menjangan island exploring the wildlife at West Bali National Park seems to be a challenging activity too. Whatever your activity preference is, Pemuteran Village makes for a peaceful destination for calm-seekers and laidback tourists looking for few days away from the overcrowded and raunchy scene of Kuta and Seminyak.*

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