Wonderful Indonesia: Feeling Is Believing

Hold your breath, the latest Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video is here! This is a pretty cool video and for me personally, this might be the first decent official Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video. You might have already seen the short version of it on the local TV channels, but here’s the 5 minutes long version of it for your viewing pleasure.

This TVC is produced and directed by Condro Wibowo, a  very talented Indonesian videographer. My personal favorite scenes are the standing Komodo scene and the sand boarding scene. I also love how this video focusing more into feeling and experiencing the journey, not only focusing on the country’s natural beauty per se.

The music used in this TVC is performed by Float Project, an indie band motored by Hotma “Meng” Roni Simamora, which happens to be also one of my favorite indie local bands. This single titled “Songs of Seasons” will be officially released in their upcoming album, but the song is already available for streaming at their soundcloud page. Here it is.

Below is the lyrics of the song:

“The Songs of Seasons”
We belong, we belong, we belong here
where the vibes from our old songs returning
With the force of a longing heart we’re here again

Timeless seasons calling
Rain of reasons falling

We belong, we belong, we belong to you
And the memories yet to come soon
will lead us back to you again

Songs of seasons calling


“we belong, we belong, we belong here, where the vibes from our old songs returning…” :)


photo credit: sandhiasmoro.com

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