Room To Play

The lack of public spaces in Jakarta has become a chronic problem which still needs solution up until today. The great majority of privately developed shopping centers have gradually replace free open spaces. There are also less and less public spaces for children to play and interact, especially for the less fortunate ones.

A few days ago,  I saw these three children were playing around at the water fountain right in front of Taman Menteng. The way they didn’t even care about their surrounding (including me taking their pictures) while they were having fun amazed me. A small water fountain, a bunch of friends and empty cups from a nearby 7-Eleven store are all they need to create laughters and smiles on their little faces. A room to play isn’t free, but happiness is. 

Give them back their playground, please?



One Of The Bright Sides of Early Flight

The earliest flight is always the cheapest one (good bargain!) and if even though we might have to force ourselves to get out of the bed and head to the airport half sleeping, there are several things I love about early flight. One of them is this: on a clear sunny day and if you can book the window seat, the beautiful bird’s eye view scenery right outside the window plane is too precious to waste.

Here are 3 pictures of mountains I took on my flight to Labuan Bajo a couple of months ago. I was lucky enough to be able to get the window seat and the weather was pretty friendly at that time. :) But it was a little bit cloudy when I flew over Mount Tambora, Sumbawa. I wonder if I can collect aerial pictures of all mountains in Indonesia. That would make a pretty interesting collection, don’t you think? :)


Mount Bromo

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Wonderful Indonesia: Feeling Is Believing

Hold your breath, the latest Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video is here! This is a pretty cool video and for me personally, this might be the first decent official Indonesia Tourism Board promotional video. You might have already seen the short version of it on the local TV channels, but here’s the 5 minutes long version of it for your viewing pleasure.

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Kisah Banowati Dalam Pentas Langendriyan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJika dunia Barat punya seni opera, maka sebetulnya Indonesia juga punya seni yang serupa, yakni Langendriyan. Langendriyan sendiri adalah sebuah seni drama tari khas Jawa yang berakar di Kasunanan Mangkunegaran Surakarta. Langendriyan dipentaskan dengan menggabungkan bunyi, narasi, gerak dan mimik muka. Sepintas lalu, Langendriyan terlihat hampir sama saja dengan bentuk drama tari lainnya. Namun, sesungguhnya Langendriyan tergolong sulit dipentaskan sebab tuntutan peran peraga yang tak hanya harus luwes menari, tetapi juga harus mampu melagukan dialog (nembang) Macapat Tengahan serta kuat dalam penghayatan karakter yang dibawakan.

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