Explore Komodo Island Straight From Your Android Device

If you happen to have plans to visit Komodo Island, Flores, Indonesia, in the near future, then this android apps is a must have! Developed by MReunionLabs, Explore Indonesia: Komodo Island (EIKI) is an application intended to promote one of Indonesia’s wonderful tourism spot, The Komodo National Park.

This application will run smoothly on Android 2.1 version and up and is generally separated into four main sections:

The Wonders
This section would tell you about the history, wildlife, diving sites and other useful information about Komodo National Park’s wonderful nature and uniqueness.

In the Explore menu you will find information about things you need and activities you can do while you’re at Komodo National Park. This section provides information about trekking, watching Komodo dragon in their natural habitat, bird watching, diving, snorkeling, fishing and visiting the komodo village for their cultural heritage. This section will also help you to find information about hotels (and the price range!), restaurants, bars and other tourist interests.

Go To Komodo Island
In this section, you can find useful information which will help you to arrange your trip to Komodo Island. Information such as airplane schedule, ticketing and list of local travel agents are provided here.

The map will help you in navigating your way around Komodo National Park, planning and looking for places that would interest you. Here, you can also find descriptions of the available Points of Interest (POI) around Komodo Island. To help you navigating around the map, you can use the “Go To Location” action at the top of the activity or you can filter the available POI based on category that matched to your current interest.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about Komodo Island through EIKI, book your flight and your hotel and witness it with your own eyes, one of the most amazing creatures in their natural habitat!

Download the android application HERE.

photos: androidzoom.com & blog.gudtogo.com

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