Pura Agung Jagatkartha: A Tint of Bali in Bogor

It was Sunday morning, when I and four of my best friends went on a trip to Bogor. We were planning to go to Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartha in Tamansari. We have heard quite a lot about this largest Hindus temple in Indonesia outside Bali but we didn’t know exactly where this temple is located so we were kind of curious about this temple existence. We departed from Jakarta early in the morning by a friend’s car to avoid the heavy traffic jam and to spare some time just in case we get lost or led astray.

It wasn’t so difficult for us to get to Tamansari area since we have asked a friend who had been to the temple before to give some directions how to get there. But what was surprising us was the same friend who gave us directions to the temple didn’t inform us that the road to the temple would be quite rocky and steep that we had to park our car a bit far from the temple. Then we still needed to walk quite far only to reach the bottom of the stairs at the temple’s gate which would later led us to reach the temple itself.

Nearly running out of breath, I and my friends finally got into the temple area. Right at the entrance, we were required to put on a yellow belt around our waist and a friend of mine who wore a short was also required to wear Balinese cloth to cover her legs down to her ankles. Only after that, we were then allowed to enter the temple area. There were several other people dressed in Balinese kebaya and traditional shirts bringing some ritual offerings also entered the temple area to pray inside the temple. Unlucky for us, because of those people who were going to pray inside the temple, we weren’t allowed to go inside the temple to look around. We could only take pictures and see the temple from on the outside of it, which was quite disappointing at least for me.

Since the temple was situated on the slope of mount Salak, the air up there was chilly and the landscape I saw was astonishing. At the foreground stood tall the Pura Agung Jagatkartha and the great mount Salak humbly painted the landscape at the background. The grass surrounding the temple was green and I could see little birds chirping and eating the remainings of old offerings. We stayed there for about half an hour to take pictures then we headed back down to Bogor city to get some lunch. Until now, I am still curious to see the inside of the Pura Agung Jagatkartha. I really want to go back there again one day, who knows perhaps I’ll get luckier than I was on the first trip.*

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2 thoughts on “Pura Agung Jagatkartha: A Tint of Bali in Bogor

  1. My brother ever told me about this Pura, I really wanna go there ;)

    thank you for your post, so I remember to ask my brother to go to this place.

    Beautiful photos kak :)

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